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About me

I was born on November 3, 1965. I grew up in Dortmund/Germany and now live in Schwerte/Germany. I am married and have one child.

My hobbies are music, especially playing the guitar, playing football (soccer), and lizards. Besides, I am interested in eastern philosohy (e.g. zen buddhism) and alternative health / healing systems (e.g. Tai Chi, Qi Gong)

What else is there to say about me?

After absolving my studies at university, I worked self-employed in the music/computer industry. I worked for the Geman company Creamware for some years, I wrote a series of articles in Germany's Keyboard magazine and a book about homerecording ("Das eigene Musikstudio", only available in German language, see publications. Although there was already a flood of books available on this subject, my book was soon voted for the most popular book on this subject by homerecording.de, and it is rated with 4.5 stars at Amazon.de.

Currently I work as a teacher for maths and English at a school here in Germany.

Many of the things I am interested in are said to be very complicated. For me things can't be complicated enough, and I always want to understand all things around me and their background. So I learned e.g. how a guitar amp works, how you can modify its circuit or repair it, or the theoretical aspects of music, how it works, why some things sound good and others not. Furthermore,  I am fascinated by some of the ideas of modern theoretical physics, like the string theory or relativity theory. So it is no wonder that I like to solve logic problems as they appear in  IQ tests (some nice problems can be found under IQ)..

When I was 13, I heard for the first time the music of Dire Straits. Their guitar player, singer and composer - Mark Knopfler - left such a big impression on me that I decided to learn to play the guitar. Today I am proud to say that I am probably one of the world's experts for Mark Knopfler's unique guitar technique. The website I created on this in 1996 (my first attempts with html) - although never updated - soon became something like THE  reference site and was copied by many.

Meanwhile I gathered even much more knowledge about this and put it online under  mk-guitar - with many interactive content like video tutorials, sound examples, and more (coming soon).

Some of my own songs can be found under My Music.